10 questions on Philosophy of Design

Can the schools of design incorporate Philosophy of Design in their curriculum? The departments of Philosophy can offer such modules based on these questions either as Interdisciplinary courses Or as Applied Philosophy.

  1. Is not sheer variety in traditional designs- humans, animals, plants, structures, landscapes-amazing?
  2. Are not designs in the digitalized era worth-considering philosophically?
  3. What is the meaning and definition of Design? Is it Pattern? Layout?Illustration?
  4. Why should we believe in the Divine Design and the Designer?
  5. Types of Designs- Natural, Articulated or Fabricated like geometrical patterns and Divine
  6. Is Design in the mind of the Designer i.e. the subject or in the object?
  7. Which are the ethical issues involved in Designs which are Symbolic representing a particular religion,culture, community or nation?
  8. What is the significance of the Designs which are metaphorical delivering the message which has universal appeal?
  9. History of Designs can be traced with its bearing on the present and Geography of Designs can be traced with mutual influences.
  10. Should Designs be evaluated by utilitarian criteria?


A relatively detailed discussion is accessible on the following link which mentions the works on the same.


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But the 10 questions stated above are independent of these works.

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai