Got bored during lockdown? Cannot go out? Let us have a conceptual voyage and explore various possibilities of Philosophical tourism.

Educational and Medical tourism are known but not Philosophical tourism.

1.Though it can be equated with a pilgrim, it is just a kind of Philosophical tourism which may be called…

We live at FOUR different levels……….

At the first level, there is dream-like reality- Dreams, Illusions, Hallucinations are regarded as real, veridical, genuine, authentic. It is called “Pratibhasika” i. e. illusory level of existence. Two parallel railway tracks seem to be meeting at a distant point constitutes the standard illustration.

A book may be known to us in an ordinary way. It means that we share the common understanding of the book. We, roughly, know what Bhagavad-gita or Dhammapada is. We might not have read the original but the public-opinion shapes our beliefs, opinions, views regarding the same. The way…

Today is a very auspicious day as Lord Krsna is believed to be born on this day.

Strictly speaking, He is beyond birth and death. He is incarnated from time to time as and when the need arises.

My point is that He embodies the Perfection. He is the Excellent…

Philosophy teaches us to think critically, reflect and contemplate.

It is pondering over the Ultimate nature of the world, God, people and myself.

It is, sometimes, viewed as the study of the relationship between people, world and God. The deep affinity characterizes Life.

So, a meaningful question is what is…

Why should we suffer?

Families, Religions, Societies do provide the same answers but in different ways assuring that “ This too shall pass….”.

Suffering is a part of life. Suffering is inevitable. Suffering ennobles character. But we do have cases where people give up as suffering is beyond limit.


A very rational question is often raised especially at the initial stage of joining Courses in Philosophy- Why should we study Philosophy? Each one comes to the class with a definite reason- known or unknown. One may be aware or may not be of the reason for pursuing the Course…

Writing on someone in 2006 and, again, on the same, in 2020!

The focus changes; the essence of the approach does not. More details are understood. With the passage of time, the realization is much more profound.

I wrote in a leading newspaper on Levinas introducing him to people in…

K.C. Bhattacharya, a noted Indian Philosopher, insists on speakability as a necessary character of Philosophy. According to him, it is a must. It cannot be understood unless expressed. It implies that Philosophy is meant to be communicated to others. It is to share the Philosophical Knowledge if not Wisdom. Others…

The syllabus in the Courses in Philosophy, Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Comparative religion, Religious Philosophy, Spirituality,…can be framed centering around the concept of ' Miracles'. The following points need to be considered.

1. The ordinary understanding of miracles as unimaginable, wonderful, immensely satisfying phenomenon

2. Scientific understanding- laws of nature…

Sharmila Virkar

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai

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