We live at FOUR different levels……….

At the first level, there is dream-like reality- Dreams, Illusions, Hallucinations are regarded as real, veridical, genuine, authentic. It is called “Pratibhasika” i. e. illusory level of existence. Two parallel railway tracks seem to be meeting at a distant point constitutes the standard illustration.

At the second level, the waking state called “Vyavaharika” is the reality. My act of writing and your reading are examples of the same.

At the third level, we have a creative view of reality. Scientists put forward fresh ideas and innovative ways of living; Artists discern certain aspects of reality hitherto not seen prominently. Literatuers verbally depict the reality aptly. This is not a very ordinary level of existence. It is extra-ordinary and can be called “Alaukika”. The joy which it yields is said to be like Brahmananda i.e. like the Supreme Bliss or Rapture.

At the Highest level called the “Paramarthika”, there is only Oneness, Unity, Rhythm and Harmany. The entire Being is nothing but Enlightenment and Freedom.

The third level is usually not considered but it is important as it bridges the gulf between the Waking and The Supreme level of existence.

All those who set forth ideas, ideologies, innovations and intuitions are at the third level. At the Transcendental Level, there is only Infinity, Indescribability and Fathomlessness…

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai