“Home-rule” and Work from Home

  1. It is imperative to review the same on the background of ‘ Work from Home’.
  2. Are there any conceptual links between the two?
  3. One of the tasks of Philosophy is to elucidate language and the most important question which crops up, here, is “ Is the meaning of Home different in two cases?”
  4. In case of Work from Home, what is referred to is a home as is ordinarily understood.
  5. It is, obviously, Home, at the micro-level. The home of an individual is referred to.
  6. In case of Home-rule, what is meant by Home is not the Home of an individual at the micro-level but Home conceived at the Macro-level i.e. the nation.
  7. If Home-rule is nothing but self-rule i.e. being governed by one’s own self, then can Work from Home be interpreted as Self-Work i.e. while working being governed by one’s own self.
  8. In the idea of Home-rule, Liberty or Freedom is intended but not in the idea of Work from Home.
  9. Is there nothing that is common? In that case, why is the same word used?

Are such discussions nothing but Logic-chopping and Philosophy is meant for the Higher Purposes?




Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai

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Sharmila Virkar

Sharmila Virkar

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai

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