I am amused, therefore, I am!

Writing on someone in 2006 and, again, on the same, in 2020!

The focus changes; the essence of the approach does not. More details are understood. With the passage of time, the realization is much more profound.

I wrote in a leading newspaper on Levinas introducing him to people in his birth-centenary year concentrating merely on his ideas. Now, in 2020, I have a wider perspective. His biographical details, life-experiences, his "FACE" on the video (FACE is a concept emphasized by Levinas in his writings), extensive Bibliography were irrelevant and inaccessible for me in 2006 but, in 2020, all these mean a lot.

But this is true not only of Levinas but also of Kierkegaard, Sartre, Buber, Wittgenstein, Russell, Wisdom, Magee, Annie Besant, …

I am amused, therefore, I am.