Sharmila Virkar
1 min readAug 12, 2020


Today is a very auspicious day as Lord Krsna is believed to be born on this day.

Strictly speaking, He is beyond birth and death. He is incarnated from time to time as and when the need arises.

My point is that He embodies the Perfection. He is the Excellent, the Ultimate.

We all, says Bhagavadgita, share His Essence.

He is Yogeshwara i.e. the Lord of Yoga and Yoga is defined in the Gita as

“ Samatvam Yoga Uchyate”.

Like Him, we are balanced, equilibrated, equanimous.

Human beings have been described as rational, social, emotional,…..Their lives have been described existentially.

Bhagavadgita begins with the existential dilemma of Arjuna- to fight with kiths and kins or to refuse to fight.

All of us are, like Arjana, trapped at one or the other point of time.

Life does present such challenging situations to all of us.

What gets revealed at such points is A- principle i.e. Arjuna element in us.

But it is necessary to rise from this confused, deluded and dejected state of mind.

K-element in us enables to rise above all odds and dualities.

It is the principle of tranquility and equality viewing all with an equal eye.

This steadfast state of mind can be achieved by all of us.

It is the state of Peace and Bliss. It is experiencing a glimpse if not the K-Principle within us.

Let us pray for the journey from A-principle to K-principle….Let its significance be realized by all.



Sharmila Virkar

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai