Philosophical Analysis of Home……..

Sharmila Virkar
2 min readJun 6, 2020


Home is meant for staying, relaxing, rejuvenating, enjoying togetherness…

It is not to be discussed, debated, analyzed and judged critically.

But, in Philosophy, it is said, nothing is sacrosanct. All concepts are open for scrutiny.

So, an array of questions can be framed while proposing the Philosophical Analysis of Home.

Wittgenstein, a noted German Philosopher questions the essence of games. et Similarly, let us see,

  1. What is the essence of home?- Man/ woman/ Both/ Children/ Grandparents/ People, in general, including helpers and, of course pets.
  2. Are furniture-sets, artifacts and decorative pieces dispensable?
  3. Is Cleanliness essential virtue in the absence of which a home is merely house? Which are the other qualities? Discipline, Order, Punctuality, Love, Trust, Warmth, Cohesiveness, Highly Positive Regard?
  4. Homes, in contemporary times, need not be only for family members. Ideas of paying-guest, roommate, flatmate, co-sharing apartment, are very common. In that case, is blood-relation essential feature for Home?
  5. Are uninvited guests and lavish dinners the essential features of home? (Have we forgotten the same in the Corona-pandemic and Lockdown days?)
  6. Homes were basically meant for providing shelter ( therefore, old-age-homes or homes for blind/ destitutes/ disabled) but Second-homes may be meant only for investment.
  7. Which passages/ Texts/ describe the traditional understanding of Home? What is the Scriptural understanding?
  8. Does the historical development of houses from mud and leaves to the latest ultra-modern skyrises affect the idea of Home and indicate any future possibility?
  9. Do the day-cares, hostels, rentals, air B & B, service-apartments, old-age homes alleviate OR assert the need of Homes? To put it differently,does the availability of such facilities satisfy our need for home when used or, on the contrary, stimulates the urge or longing we have for the same.
  10. Are we merely the guests on the Mother Earth and the permanent abode is The Home? Is this idea of Eternal Home of Infinity existential, religious or spiritual?
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Sharmila Virkar

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai