Devotion is highly intense love towards usually God but the same can be extended towards the nation, work, community, people and ideologies. It can be extended towards a chosen goal.

At the initial stages, it is deliberate and anticipates a particular effect. With the passage of time, it gets purified and then it is for its own sake.

“Virtue has its own reward” goes the saying; Devotion also has its own reward.

Is Devotion, in essence, dualistic implying the subject-object duality? Does it lead to absolute self-absorption overcoming duality? Is this ideal unrealistic?

The path of Devotion, at times, is full of difficulties but Devotion is so intense that the difficulties are no more troublesome.

With the sweetness of its own, it provides the strength, hope and courage to pass through all ordeals.

Miracles are common when the path of Devotion is followed sincerely and persistently.

The only objection against Devotion is that it tends to make us submissive, meek and dependent.

Hence, the need of the hour is to understand Devotion in the right sense of the term.

So, not just practice but also Philosophy of Devotion.


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