The syllabus in the Courses in Philosophy, Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Comparative religion, Religious Philosophy, Spirituality,…can be framed centering around the concept of ' Miracles'. The following points need to be considered.

1. The ordinary understanding of miracles as unimaginable, wonderful, immensely satisfying phenomenon

2. Scientific understanding- laws of nature, uniformity, order, causation- violation, unexplained phenomenon

3. Religious understanding- Explained by Grace-Divine/ Guru/ Saint- God/ Prophets

4. Synoptic concept of Miracles reconciling all of these understandings

5. Various illustrations of Miracles in religions

6. Literary expressions of Miracles

7. Miracles through Art

8. Commercial use of Miracles- Possibilities and Actualities

9. Epistemology of miracles

10. Socio-ethical issues involved in Miracles.

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai