1. If Aesthetics deals with the theories of Art, Super-specialisations are necessary in Aesthetics recognizing the status of Photography as Art.
  2. How is Photography different from other kinds of Art can be the pivotal point for Philosophy of Photography.
  3. There is a need to spell out the fundamental principles of Photography.
  4. The assumptions or presuppositions of Photography must be revealed or devised.
  5. The historical development of Photography may be deciphered.
  6. The geographical factors need to be taken into consideration.
  7. Self-photography or Selfie can be analyzed critically and comprehensively.
  8. Photography in Media- Print or Electronic- can be considered as distinct from Amateurs Photography.
  9. Challenges to Photography and various ways to meet the challenges can be explored in Philosophy of Photography.




Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai

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Sharmila Virkar

Sharmila Virkar

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai

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