According to K.C. Bhattacharya, philosophical consideration can be Objective, Subjective or Transcendental.

At Objective level, the philosophical objects are nothing but subsistents. e.g. Ideas, Monads, Substances subsist rather than exist.

At the Subjective level, there is enjoying understanding of I.

At the Transcendental level, there is no subject-object duality…. only Infinity.

Sheer Symbolism….The significance of KCB lies in the fact that he has provided the conceptual-schemes for any Philosophical theory whatsoever.

All philosophical activities are either Objective, Subjective and rarely Transcendental.

When we study, say, Freedom or Liberty or Democracy as a theoretical construct, the study is objective.

When we find our Being involved in the subject-matter or the self-exploration, if not self-enrichment, self-discovery or self-actualization,it is Subjective.

At the Transcendental level, there is no trace of Self as Subject….There is neither Subject…nor Object…. Only the Absolute is affirmed symbolically.

Given any Philosophy of the past, present and future, it is either Objective, Subjective or Transcendental.

Thus, KCB needs to be re-considered not only for the conceptual schemes which cane be devised on the basis of his Grades of Theoretic Consciousness but also for devising the formula for P.Q. i.e. Philosophical Quotient.

Objective/Subjective/ Transcendental grade divided by Chronological Age x 100.

What is needed is the Quantification of Objective, Subjective and Transcendental grade of Theoretic Consciousness.

Dept of Philosophy @ University of Mumbai