Philosophy of films is developed but of Theatre is yet to be developed.

Comparative study of the two is definitely possible and is necessary. There are the points of convergence and divulgence which need to be deciphered by experts.

Theatrical Philosophy shows clearly why Philosophy is regarded as second-order activity. Doing Theatrical Philosophy does not mean actively playing a role at all. In itself it has nothing to do with actual performance. It does not imply actual participation nor involvement but a distant view which is comprehensive, impartial and critical.

Artists are therefore described as Athelet-philosophers. Their movements on the stage are as accurate as athelets and thinking as precise as philosophers.

Stage, Light, Sound, Choreography, Costumes, Make-up, Artists/ Performers, Director, Producer and basically the Plot are important aspects of Theatre.

The crucial role of each of these elements can be discussed.

The philosophers- Classical and contemporary- have contemplated on the same. Their insights can be incorporated the Theatrical Philosophy.

The plots can be elucidated with the emphasis on their philosophical import.

Even if Theatrical Philosophy is not developed as a full-fledged, independent field of study, it can be specified in the curriculum of Drama- Schools as a module.


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