What is dear to me and why?

Philosophy teaches us to think critically, reflect and contemplate.

It is pondering over the Ultimate nature of the world, God, people and myself.

It is, sometimes, viewed as the study of the relationship between people, world and God. The deep affinity characterizes Life.

So, a meaningful question is what is dear to us?

Various answers are possible.





Belongings/ Wealth

Accessories, Gadgets, Books,

Arts, Hobbies, Passions, Music, Sports, Politics

A particular subject, say, Mathematics,

Research or any Work as such/ Profession/ Career- workplace

Mission, Nation,

the Mother Earth,

Pets, Plants, Birds,

Everything is dear to us because WE LOVE OURSELVES.

The child, spouse, car, home, nation and religion are dear just because all of these are related to us.

Here, we have an answer to the question-What is dear to me and why?

My relatives, my possessions, my artifacts and my commitments, convictions are dear to me simply because these are mine. But is it not selfishness or egoism?

What does the message want us to know exactly?

The message actually takes us to a very different level of Enlightenment.

The realization transforms the entire existence.

The profound truth makes us to see the same world, same people and everything differently.

The truth is meant for the Experience, Realization, Understanding or Knowing.

Knowing this amounts to knowing everything.